Today we had interesting activity called ”Running Dictation”.

What is ”Running Dictation” ?


It’s about  two people with a team, one of person be a runner and need to run to remember some

information in the articles, the other one is writer need to write the information about what runner said.

It is a kind of useful practice that can improve ours speaking, reading, listening and writing.

Me and Sharon we were a team and she was a runner and I was a writer.

She read the article is about ”The History of Bra”.

Below is about what information I wrote and remembered.


Rudimentary bra is known as bust supporter, wear before 1880 even not 30 years, but began to be true fashion sense. In 1910s, silhouette is new empire line.

Mary Phels Jacob – In 1914 is the first simple bra’s designer

Samuel Gossard – He is best known and first patented bra

1930 Invention light weight nylon bra and had new cups size

1950 sweet girl look about teenager’s bra

1970 other designer invention light bra – sheer fabric

1990 wonderbra was the best seller

1994 Vivieen Westwood  her son’s company has sex back into small’s in UK

red lights places sells better than modern place

I think this activity not only interesting but also can improve ours English ability.

In the less minutes, we can focus and concentrate to read what is the point in this article.

I believe if we have more practice that we can improve our English ability.



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