In academic writing, nominalization is one of the most important part of writing.

What is nominalization?

Nominalisation is an integral feature of academic writing. It is a function that not only helps you to create variety in writing, but also prevents you from repeating the same verb/word over and over again.
Nominalisation is a useful skill to have in academic writing because it conveys an objective, impersonal tone. It can also make the text more concise by packing a great deal of information into a few words.
As a consequence of using nominalisation, your writing will be more abstract and more formal.Formal written English uses nouns more than verbs.Changing a verb or other word into a noun is called nominalisation.

For example:

We discussed (verb) a bonus.
->Our discussion (noun) concerned a bonus.


We investigated. (verb)
-> We undertook an investigation.(noun)

We analysed (verb) the data. This revealed a number of trends.

-> The analysis (noun) of the data revealed a number of trends.


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