Fabric manufacturing in the UK it once the pride of industrial. In 1912, United Kingdom textile manufacture reached its peak. Producing a tremendous 8 billion yards of cotton cloth to be exported all around the world. Textiles were the largest single economic interest after grain. No other countries could match British textile output in the first decade of the twentieth century. But the successful textile manufacturing in the United Kingdom was success to be cut short only two tears later, when World War One made foreign export impossible. In other countries had textile manufacture boomed really fast. For example: Japan was particular quick to develop and capital on British shortcomings.


Protect Britain’s wool

The 1721 Act it had an important example was protect Britain’s traditional swollen industry. The new competition from new manufacturing were starting to produce printed cotton cloth. The petitioners complained that entire industry was threatened by competition from the home producers. Therefore they attempted to protect wile manufacturing by banning the wearing of various types of cotton cloth.




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