• Communication (speaking) : The ability to communicate clearly verbally, with a level of formality appropriate to the context.
    I can’t speak fluency and sometimes I don’t use words accurately. I am trying to speak with native speaker but sometimes I am nervous.  Watching TV programme and listening radio that I can learn the accent. Be more confident to speak with others that I can improve my speaking and don’t be afraid of making a mistake.
  • Communication (written) : The ability to express ideas clearly and in a grammatically correct and appropriate form in writing, adapting the style to the occasion (including email and letter etiquette).
    Before I attend pre-sessional course in summer. My writing ability was worse and could’t write essay. After the ten weeks pre-sessional course I improve my writing skills.
    Studying grammar and reading articles can improve my ability.
  • Commercial Awareness : An understanding of the economic factors and priorities facing a particular business and its’ competitors. It can also involve improving quality and working to reduce costs.
    My first degree in my university was BBA Cosmetic Application of Management. It was not relate with international fashion marketing. During the course time, I attended some of fashion design courses in Taiwan and New York. How can I improve my knowledge in fashion? I read many kinds of magazines and websites. Attending lecture and course that can approve my knowledge and notice world news.
  • Cultural Sensitivity : The ability to understand that cultural differences and similarities exist without assigning values
    I think it is the most important general impressions for everyone. If you don’t understand the culture for other countries that you can ask them and respect don’t use rude words and impolite to people from different countries.
  • Customers Focus : The ability to provide and maintain the highest standards of service for customers, to deal with customers professionally and resolve any issues in the best way for all parties. 
    Before I came to London, I had a work experience for sales and makeup artist assistant for two years. I work in a company named BenNye Taiwan for special effects makeup. I had a lot of time to communicate with customers, sometimes I need to introduced our products how to use and what kind of effects that can present. So, I know how to deal with customers.
  • Data Handling : The ability to collect and record data, and interpret and present the data using appropriate media and technology.
    Before we research some of information for our works. There are some tips we need to know about is it a reliable and true information? And reading more about data and collect information to complete the works.

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