According to the questionnaire results findings, this questionnaire divided into two parts.

First part is about personal information and part two is about fashion attitude and consumer preference.

In part one, we can see the pie chart shows 61.11% of female and 38.89% of male. In the age group, 18 to 25 years old is the most of group in this investigate.


Given in the number three pie chart revealing there are 35.19% of people spent 100-200 pounds on clothing a month and 50-100 pounds for 24.07% then 20.37% of people spent 200-300 pounds and 300 up a month.


About what kind of style do people prefer, it is almost the same percentage. We found 59.26% of people like to unique style while still blending it and 46.3% of people thinks brand name have an important role to decide about people’s fashion style.





In our conclusion, 18 to 25 age sis the target audience, they prefer unique, comfortable, creative and good quality then be a popularity products. Androgynous is a trend not only in fashion industry but also in society and people accepted


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