The word androgyny is from Greek word, which is the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. To trace androgyny styles back to 1920’s fashion. In 1920, a trend of fashion was about liberation, trying new things. After world war one, women’s style changed become literally and loosened up.
Androgynous trend appeared during 1920s with boy shish look styles. It is a inspiration that can affect design and types of clothing. A trend from 1920s until now. Another example is the influence of female equality individualism and freedom.
However, androgynous trend is not only for the fashion industry but also represents for lifestyles, society, innovation and spiritual.
For example: Coco Chanel, who is the pioneer fashion designer to design trousers for women in the first time.

katharien hepburn.jpg

1920 Katharine Hepburn

Another famous icon: Katharine Hepburn, whose an American actress, she is the most famously Hollywood start. She was an early pioneer of androgynous style.





1940 Mariene Dietrich







1970 David Bowie









2015 Tilda Swinton



Nowadays, the number of fashion brand have rapidly involved in androgyny styles, for example: GUCCI, Saint Laurent, Armani…
they already have androgyny design.


2015 GUCCI


2013 Saint Laurent



Androgyny is a macro trend, it is not only a fashion trend but also affects in society and influence people’s behavior and spiritual mind.


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