1. Equity

When talking the brand equity it can divided two parts like tangible and intangible. It has including loyalty, awareness, quality, associations and other proprietary assets. (Aaker, 1996) The SERIES A 2016 collection, designer still keeping the long dress design that the customers recognizable. Moreover the collection using the cotton for 100% and lace, silk to mix the fabric. Besides, the studio has celebrity endorsement that raised their brand image and make the customers loyalty.

      2. Identity

The brand identity for tan tan studio Taiwan it could be described as funny, fascinating and nifty. From the design and material used in this collection 2016, because of the spring and summer season. It is the hottest weather in Taiwan during this season, designer has trying to design and produce the suitable fabric and material for the clothing.


  • Vision statement

~ Into another Asia market in next five years ~

About the brand mission statement of tan tan studio, the designer claim it will into the other Asia market in next five years, such as China, Hong Kong. From the brand beginning established until nowadays. Because the studio it was established in 2014 and its newest and unfamiliar to most of customers and other fashion business. The studio trying to into Hong Kong market because some of Hong Kong icons have wore the clothing from the studio. Then, some of customers are interested in this brand. Into another Asia market must be the next target in next five years.


  • Mission statement

~ Providing the garments to the celebrities ~

When talking about the mission statement for tan tan studio, the studio is offering the womenswear for 20 to 30 years old female. In nowadays it has more and more competitors in the fashion industry, as well as the huge challenges for the most of independent designers. tan tan studio has great collaboration with some of artist such as the freelance illustrator Hsiao-Ron Cheng. In that collection, tan tan has great selling and quick products sold out. The studio always has providing the garments to the celebrities. Being an independent designer brand, the studio has frequency to provide the clothing to independent singer or icon in Taiwan that to promote the brand.


  • Value statement

The brand value of tan tan, the studio committed to let their customers more confident and not lost the personality when they got the clothing. The designer has make the image of brand looks funny, interesting and in new collection of the loose cutting that the female have their trend and styling.



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